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Shepard stared at herself in the mirror. It was a surreal experience… She recognized her face but it was different. Though she wasn’t nearly obsessive enough to identify every freckle she had back before this all happened she knew… She knew they weren’t the same… they weren’t in the same spots; they weren’t the same lightness and darkness. Miranda must have overdone it on the ultraviolet exposure because they seemed more defined than she remembered them being.

She stared at her long red hair blanketing her bare shoulders. Now that she was in just a bra and panties she could see a few more glowing scars on her body. The dark bathroom made them extremely noticeable. It was almost as if she was looking at an identical twin, or a clone… but it was her. She had her memories, her mannerisms, even if the external scars weren’t there anymore the internal ones certainly remained. She kept wondering if all of that was made up… perhaps she was a clone with some kind of artificial memories to match her supposed personal history. Maybe the real Commander Shepard was dead and they didn’t resurrect her so much as make a new one…

She shook the thoughts out of her head. There was no way that was true. She had confirmed it on her recent visit to the colony of Freedom’s Progress. She had bumped into her old friend, Tali. To confirm her identity to the Quarian she asked Tali if she remembered the Geth Data she gave to her to complete her pilgrimage. Only she and Tali had ever been aware of that exchange of information. Tali stated that she did remember and did not question Shepard’s identity from that point on. That was all the proof Shepard needed to show her that her memories were real.

She had a bit of difficulty trusting Cerberus. She found out, not long after waking up at the Lazarus Research Facility that the human splinter group she had butted heads with on numerous occasions was, in fact, the organization that conceived and executed the Lazarus project. They brought her back to life. Miranda was the Cerberus operative in charge of the project. She, Shepard and one other security operative named Jacob were the only three people that managed to escape the station after the facility’s security mechs were hacked and turned hostile.

Miranda insisted that the lead medical officer, Wilson, was responsible and some evidence suggested it to be true. However, Shepard couldn’t believe that someone would invest two years of blood sweat and tears into bringing a human being back to life, something never before achieved in human history, actually succeed at this task, only to one day say “fuck it!” and try to destroy all their work. He even tried to help her and Jacob escape before Miranda showed up and killed Wilson on the spot, not even considering that he could be innocent.

That’s Cerberus for you…Shoot first, ask questions later.

Shepard looked down at the sink counter. The barber’s shears she requested be delivered to her room on this station were there when she came back from Freedom’s Progress. Miranda might be able to enter combat situations with her long ass hair blowing in her face but Shepard could not, and would not. She found ponytails and buns to be uncomfortable in helmets… She simply preferred her hair to be short. She didn’t particularly care if it was professionally cut, she just wanted it short.

She picked up the brush and combed to her hair first, parting it on the far left of her scalp. When she was satisfied with the style she picked up the shears and began trimming. She took away layers and divided the task into sections. Doing the back was a little problematic. She could only hope that it was the same length as the front. She settled for about chin-length, perhaps a little longer. She didn’t give her bangs any extra trimming than she already had, instead she tucked them behind her ears. When she was finished a heavy amount of clipped hair had fallen into a pile at her feet. She scooped it up and disposed of it.

She showered, cleaning the stray strands of hair and med bay smell off herself. The hot water stung her scars but was also very relieving. It felt normal, like hot water was supposed to feel… or at least how she remembered it feeling as it ran down her body. Every time she recognized something or felt something normal/familiar the anxieties she had about her situation dwindled a little more. The abnormal shift in her biotic abilities had come as quite a shock so she clung to as many familiar things as possible to offset that unpleasant feeling that she might not really be the same person who died in space two years ago.

Dying… that was something she was really having a hard time coming to terms with. As she stood there in the shower she began to relive the utter soul-crushing horror she felt as her breath left her body and she spun into an endless black abyss. She couldn’t feel the hot water anymore, her whole body felt cold. She sank to the bottom of the shower, clinging to herself, shaking from head to foot and breathing erratically. She hyperventilated as water streamed down her face. No hope. No Rescue. Only death; a slow, agonizing death. She shut her eyes tightly and gasped for precious oxygen, curling into a tight ball. It was only the sudden splash of hot water down her wind pipe that snapped her out of her nearly catatonic state.

She coughed and sputtered, suddenly feeling the warmth of the shower water on her body again. She got shakily to her feet. That was not good. That was not good at all. After what she saw on freedom’s progress… after reviewing the security footage of the colonists being abducted by Collectors… Those people needed her. Every human living on a colony in the Terminus Systems needed her. She couldn’t afford to be so weak. There were so many lives counting on her. The last thing she needed to be doing was having random panic attacks.

She balled her hand into a fist and punched it into the shower wall, focusing. She was forcing herself to think about it again; to draw the fear out. She felt it, closing in on her. She couldn’t face it right now, she had to swallow it. She had to put it in a box and stuff it into the back of her mind. As she began to re-live it again, she forced it away. In her mind she was screaming NO! NO! painting it black, covering it up, pushing it away.

She opened her eyes and noticed that she was glowing blue all over. She had been pressing her fist so hard into the wall that her knuckles made dents in the metal. At least it worked, she had a small sickening feeling in the base of her chest but she was not a helpless heap on the floor of the shower again. From now on if anyone tried to bring the subject of her death up, which she was expecting to get a lot of, she would dismiss it, change the subject or lie altogether and claim it didn’t happen.

She finished her shower and left the bathroom. As she was drying herself off her Omni-tool on the bedside table began beeping. Miranda was calling her. She powered up the holographic interface and answered.

“Shepard. The Illusive Man is ready to speak to you about our findings on Freedom’s Progress.” Miranda said.

Shepard wasn’t looking forward to this. She didn’t want to tell the leader of a terrorist organization that he was right and something needed to be done to stop the Collectors. However, the Alliance couldn’t do anything to help these people if they tried… if Cerberus was willing to give her what she needed to save these people she would just have to swallow her pride and accept their help.

“Alright.” She replied. “I need to get dressed. I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Don’t keep him waiting.” Miranda snapped and hung up.

Shepard wrinkled her nose and shook her head. She was going to have to put up with a lot. This might be a bit harder than she thought.

     Illium, one of the more ‘luxurious’ places one could find themselves in the galaxy. Nice tall shiny skyscrapers as far as the eye could see, sleek cars flying by, a hot attraction spot, and a place where you could buy, trade, and sell just about anything you wanted in the galaxy. 
Sure it all looked fine and pretty on the outside, but once you start digging under the surface down the real nitty gritty you found that this place was in reality one of the worst of the worst, right there compared next to Omega. 

     Alex stood over off near the edge of the large platform he was on, elbows bent down as he was leaned over on the railing wall. Not many people seemed to pay attention to him, just another traveler drifting through the city to them, could see almost just about every race here, it was crowded, people bustling about, dealers shouting over the loud chatter trying to hawk off their items, a one particular Volus nearby trying to sell something to a group of people, that breathing from his resporator grating on his ears, he always did find them to be abit annoying. 
    Alex didn’t really care to much for this place in general, in some ways it reminded him of Manhattan,  only positive thing maybe being the over abundance of a certain slick blue colored alien race, ah but he was only interested in a certain one right now, and not for reasons he particularly liked. 
It took him abit but he had managed to track down an old friend, if she could even be called that, acquaintance would be a better way of putting it. Stepping away from the ledge as he turned and weaved his way through the crowd, the Volus who was standing on his little pedistool turning to face him a moment as he approached closer, taking in a breath before speaking.

"Ah sir…  Would you be interested in…"

"No." Alex cutting the alien off as he walked by before it could finish it’s sentence. Leaving the crowd he found himself at a set of steps, making his way to the top on his left was a door, his right there was a desk where he was ‘greeted’ more or less by a purple toned Asari. 

      Liara had been busy going over several things in her office when her attention was cut short by the sound of some yelling outside her door, furrowing her brows as she looked up, first at the door, then glancing over to the side as she brought up a hollow screen of a camera view outside her office, giving a sigh when she realized what was happening. 
"Oh dear.."  
The other Asari had denied Alex access to Liaras office immediately setting his temper off where the two then got into a dispute. 

"Screw you lady back off!" Alex would shout over his shoulder, turning away the the woman bringing up his arms as he gripped the center of the door wedging his fingertips just slightly through the slit in the door and with an outward push of his arms shoved the sliding doors to retract back into the wall, approaching his way in.  
"HEY!" The other Asari shouted taking a quick step in, a blue glow starting to form around her fist when Liara stood from her seat and raised a hand up at her to stop. 
     ”That’s quite alright Nyxeris. I can handle it from here.” Saying in her always calm voice. The other giving a bit of a confused/shocked look before releasing a breath and nodding, turning to head back out of the office, the doors closing behind her. 

  Slowly taking a seat back down in her chair as she looked over at Alex.
"It’s been quite sometime. Alex." 
"Yeah well, I’ve been busy."
"I’ve noticed."
"Have you now?"
"I hear the occasional rumor or story from time to time. Not an easy man to keep track of."
"Staying hidden something I’m good at." 
"Yes well..  So what brings you to Illium?" 
"Funny you should ask that." Stating a little loudly as he started to approach a bit closer to her desk.

"What do you know about Shepard?"

Hesitating, furrowing her brows abit. “I..  What do you mean? She’s..”

"Don’t bullshit a bullshitter Liara." Saying in a stern tone to her, his blue gaze piercing at her from beneath the hood.
"See you’re not the only one who can dig up information.
Project Lazarus
What did you do with Shepard’s body?”

How did he know?

"The only thing I could."

"By giving her to Cerberus?!  Do I need to remind you the last time had an encounter with them?"
"No I’m staring at it." She would retort back, almost coldy

His jaw slightly opening abit, an expression on his face that could almost kill someone with. He kept his cool though.

"Look I did what was necessary to try and save her."
"Save her?! She was gone Liara there was nothing left."
"There was something."
"Oh so what? You just decided to hawk her off without telling anyone? What about Garrus huh? Does he know? Or Tali or Joker.. Or even me."

"Would you have let me done it if I had!?" She almost shouted at him, course his only answer was silence.

"You’re not the only one who cared about Shepard ok, I did what I thought was right at the time, I did what I thought could save my friend. 

And perhaps I have because… She may be back.”

His head shifted abit, you could see the tense in his muscles relax just ever so slightly, a look of shock and disbelief on his face.

"I received word, I have many contacts Alex.."
"About.. 12 hours ago."
"When her ship was seen.. She could very well be heading towards Omega."

Without even another word Alex turned on his heel and began to move quickly out

"Alex wait!" She shouted to him, standing from her seat, hands on the desk.  "It’s not even for sure, you can’t just go and.."
"Try and stop me."  He snapped looking over his shoulder, turning abit to face her more and pointing a finger.
"If it’s not her, or they’ve done something to her, It’s you’re head."
Turning again and walking out the door as they opened, Liara giving a sigh as she slumped back down in her chair, her assistant giving him abit of a dirty look as he stormed on by. 

He made his way back down the stairs, moving through the crowd once more, passing by that Volus again.

"Oh sir,  did you change your min…Mph"
Though he was cut short as Alex slung a portion of biomass from his hand to stick to the Aliens face mask, who almost stumbled and fell from his stand.
Alex had no time or patience at the moment, and very pressed for time. Making his way back to his personal ship, making his way to the cockpit and taking off at that moment, plotting a course for one of the relays that passed by close to Omega, if it went smoothly he could get there several hours before ‘she’ was supposedly supposed to be. 
His head rushing with thoughts. 
Could she really be back?
What if it was a fake her?
Guess he was going to really find out.


virus shaming


virus shaming


"See? Instant power-sander… gets rid of any ugly face, ten seconds flat.” 

This is beautiful. xD


"See? Instant power-sander… gets rid of any ugly face, ten seconds flat.” 


This is beautiful. xD

"My name is Alex Mercer. I’m the reason for all this. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist… I’m all of these things."
Alex Mercer (Prototype) 

"My name is Alex Mercer. I’m the reason for all this. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist… I’m all of these things."

Alex Mercer (Prototype


“No matter how powerful any game character may be, Alex Mercer will always overpower them. By any means necessary.”


No matter how powerful any game character may be, Alex Mercer will always overpower them. By any means necessary.


Alex Mercer by Sleii-no-baka


Alex Mercer by Sleii-no-baka

Have I expressed how much I hate the protocreed ship and how it floods the Alex Mercer tag? 


Well hear it again. 


whipfist by doubleleaf


whipfist by doubleleaf




Commander Shepard: Probably the only person in the universe Alex Mercer would ever let push him over onto a bed.

and an added bonus: post-coital fluff gifs




"Well clearly someone is new here.”

"No need for cockiness. This is Gotham City. Not everyone has knowledge of every thing.


"Huh.. Seems they’ve kept a tighter story on New York than I realized."


making progress… Even if it’s slow.
I guess this kind of background would match better. (Background is just a sketch)


New York before Mercer:

New York after Mercer:


Just doodling created a new pen brush i like it. I totally should be studying right now.


Just doodling created a new pen brush i like it. I totally should be studying right now.